Campus Solution Features

Campus is very comprehensive software available in the market to manage the student information in an education institution. It is useful, innovative, reliable and easy to use. Campus has been developed using the vast domain knowledge and with latest in software technologies.

Campus Features List

  • Admission - Student pre-admission and post admissions management.
  • Institution setup - Setup various Courses, Subjects, Branches, Department and batches.
  • Finance - Define, collect and track the Students fee payments.
  • Student Promotion - Track students performance and eligibility to be promoted throughout the course period.
  • Time table - Define the timetable for various courses in the institution.
  • Student attendance - Mark and track the student attendance.
  • Assignment - Students assignments with rich text content and images.
  • Examination - Examination and results management module Student examination records, internal assessments, marks management.
  • Events and Calendar - Declare various events and activities for academic sessions.
  • Message Center - Email and SMS communication to Students,Parents, Employee and other stakeholders.
  • Lesson Plan - Define the lesson plan for the courses and subjects.
  • Library module - List and track the books, journals and other reading material.
  • Reports - Exhaustive reports with statistics and graphs.
  • Student Profile - Maintain a detailed admission details and academic profile of the student.
  • Employee Management - Manage the employee profile.
  • Workload calculation - Track the work load of each of the employee.
  • Leave Management - Track employee leave requisitiona and approvals.
  • Feedback System - Run feedbacks to facilitates student and faculty performance assessment on a regular basis.
  • Quality audit - Continuously monitor the quality of every department on several parameters.
  • Clubs and Committee - Manage Clubs and Committe details run in the Institutions.
  • Paper publication - Facility for employee to declare their research/study paper publication details.
  • Placement Cell - Manage visting corporates details and students placement details.
  • Transport Route - Define transportation routes and assign routes to students and employees.
  • Complaint and suggestion - Track and manage complaints and suggestion.
  • Audit Logs - Track usage of all the users of Campus.
  • News and announcements - Disseminate news and other announcements.
  • Employee module - Permission based access for Employees to the Campus software.
  • Student Module - Access for student to check various information.
  • Parent Module - Access for Parent to access their wards details.
  • Department admin module - Each of the department have access to information relating to their department alone.
  • Principal module - Acceess to high level view of reports and other information of the Institution.
  • User Management - Manage logins are various users of the Campus software.
  • Mobile application - Andorid and iOS app for Faculties, Students and Parents.

Campus is used by...

  • Institution Administration – Easy to manage various administration related tasks. It helps in reducing the time and effort required by the administrative people in handling various administrative tasks.
  • Principal – Manage the attendance and marks/credits of student. Monitor their students’ performance. See their timetable schedule etc.
  • Faculty – Manage the attendance and marks/credits of student. Monitor their students’ performance. See their timetable schedule etc.
  • Management – See and evaluate the performance reports of the students, class, subject, faculty etc... Software helps the management in decision making process.
  • Student – Access the attendance, timetable, results, notice etc
  • Parent – Access their wards performance reports, attendance reports etc…


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